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Lara in Muscle Girl Island
Lara still grabbed on to the piece of wood that kept her afloat. The sea was draining her strength for more than two days now. She knew she was done for, but somehow still had found a way to survive. She was almost deciding on letting go when she saw something in the horizon. A thread of land, and she could feel the currents taking her closer. She smiled, but could cling to that piece of the wreckeage, let alone move and swim. She closed her eyes, and prayed.
When she woke up, she was on a shore. At first she thought she had died and was in heaven, but then she realized she was too covered in sand and tired to be in paradise. Before her laid a white sand shore and a forest, and there was not a soul in sight. She tried to get up, but soon realized she was too weak. Then, she heard a voice behind her.
-Hey, are you ok?
She turned around and found she was not too tired to move after all. She rolled weakly away as she saw who had spoken.
It was a girl, or at least that's what her face look
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Chel's surprise. by SuperFemLover Chel's surprise. :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 24 9
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Myth Heroes 4 :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 8 2
Myth Heroes 3
The next day, Danira logged in and instantly opened her friends list and looked for Lika. She was just outside of town, so Danira went to her location. She found her muscle packed friend at the wandering potions salesman, he only appeared randomly on the map, and she was finishing her purchase just as Danira arrived.
-Hey, Danira. - She said, with a smile.
-Hey... What were you buying?
-Nothing. - She said, trying to sound casual and doing just the opposite.
-Really? - Danira asked, sarcastically.
-Yep. - She looked at Danira. She looked a lot like Lily, especially now, trying to hide something from her best friend and failing miserably. - So... How did you like yesterday? You seemed to be enjoying it.
Danira was caught off guard, and blushed a bit. She didn't think Lika had noticed her while she worked out.
-W-well, I... Yeah, I mean, you did some pretty amazing stuff, and got so strong so fast... - She stopped and grinned. - Which reminds me, what about my potion? You promised you'd
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New futa stuff :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 0 2
Dawn - F*ck you, physics by SuperFemLover Dawn - F*ck you, physics :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 17 2 Lola Bunny after workout by SuperFemLover Lola Bunny after workout :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 38 18 Buffed up Lola Bunny by SuperFemLover Buffed up Lola Bunny :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 37 5 That's it? - Sketch by SuperFemLover That's it? - Sketch :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 33 3 Anastasyia Kvitko - Pumping up by SuperFemLover Anastasyia Kvitko - Pumping up :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 16 6 A little girl by SuperFemLover A little girl :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 3 6 Hottie by SuperFemLover Hottie :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 8 0
Myth Heroes - Part 2
-Okay, start talking! - Danira demanded.
Lika chuckled and explained to her friend her discovery, and urged her to keep it a secret, as it could be banned from the game if it became public knowledge. Danira's expression grew more astonished by the second when Lika started telling her what she had done.
-Well I know of few, very few, who could have done what you did. And none at level 13!
-I know, right? - Lika said, happy. - Imagine when I get even more powerful! I just LOVE this game!
-Well, if it worked on your blessing, could it work on mine? - Danira said, wondering.
-Probably, yeah. But Traveler's Root is very hard to come by, and Divine Ambrosia is very expensive and unstable. I had to give the specific instructions to the apothecary for it to not go wrong. But sure, I think it would work for you to become the best hunter there is.
Danira tried to hide it, but that was all she needed to have an edge in the Tournament.
-Allright - Lika said, smiling at her - We'll go look for the
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Myth Heroes
Lilian went online as soon as she got home. Finally, she could be at peace, summer vacation had just started, and she had a whole lot of training for her character, Lika the Amazon. Her parents, as usual, were leaving for a two week vacation in Hawaii, so she had the house all to herself to play Myth Heroes all day long. The game was about virtual reality, and was the first ever game to not have almost any limitations to anything: You could gain the Blessing of Mercury, for example, and become as fast as the speed of sound, or even faster through training and consumables, or even achieve the power of a god and become part of the elite pantheons of the game and battle with other powerful gods. Lilian was set on becoming a god, and she had already set a plan for it. She put on her helmet and laid down on her bed, and then turned it on and her mind was pulled away from her body and into her avatar's body in the game.
When she first logged in, she spawned near the main teleport point in Te
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Lily and Jim - Full story :iconsuperfemlover:SuperFemLover 8 4
Lily and Jim - part 3
Lily pumped the whole mountain on her left arm, over her head, like it was nothing. The whole idea of it was unimaginable, but seeing it made me feel like I was dreaming. Having a nightmare, for sure. There she was, the most sexy, intelligent and powerful girl in the world, lifting a mountain over her head, and she wanted to kill me. What was I supposed to do?
I cried.
-Lily, I'm sorry! I truly am! Please, don't kill me, I was just so happy with everything, I didn't mean to hurt you, I-
-Save it. - She said, giggling. - Good. You're sorry. And if you're not, you're gonna be. But right now, I think you learned your lesson. - She tossed the Everest up a few times like a baseball player before a throw. Then, she pulled back and launched the whole mountain away, and over a mountain range, back to where it was before. It shook for a moment, as if it was gonna crumble, but only a few parts of it cracked and large boulders fell everywhere, although the mountain maintained it's size and shape
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Victoria by devmgf
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Victoria :icondevmgf:devmgf 139 34
May Bday 2017 by Gettar82
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May Bday 2017 :icongettar82:Gettar82 91 23
She's bulletproof 2 gif by cangarough
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Lara still grabbed on to the piece of wood that kept her afloat. The sea was draining her strength for more than two days now. She knew she was done for, but somehow still had found a way to survive. She was almost deciding on letting go when she saw something in the horizon. A thread of land, and she could feel the currents taking her closer. She smiled, but could cling to that piece of the wreckeage, let alone move and swim. She closed her eyes, and prayed.
When she woke up, she was on a shore. At first she thought she had died and was in heaven, but then she realized she was too covered in sand and tired to be in paradise. Before her laid a white sand shore and a forest, and there was not a soul in sight. She tried to get up, but soon realized she was too weak. Then, she heard a voice behind her.
-Hey, are you ok?
She turned around and found she was not too tired to move after all. She rolled weakly away as she saw who had spoken.
It was a girl, or at least that's what her face looked like. Long, red hair with some curls and light blue eyes, and a few freckles in her otherwise flawless, young face. She looked at her, as if not understanding Lara's fright. She stood straight, and Lara got a better look. The girl was muscular. And not only muscular, she had more muscle than Lara thought possible for even a man! Her arms had biceps the size of her own head, with matching triceps and shoulderblades, and her whole torso was packed with incredible, similarly huge muscles and a pair of breasts as big as melons. Her tiny waist was just as muscular as her torso or her thick and packed legs, and she wore a green leather top and skirt, and what looked like roman sandals, with a few acessories.
-Are you hurt? I'm not gonna hurt you.
-I... - Lara began to say, but then noticed her throat was too dry. The girl seemed to notice it too, and walked to a coconut tree. With a tap at it's trunk, she made a coconut fall, and then with her bare hands and extreme dextriety, she chopped it's top half clean off. Then she offered it to Lara. - Here. Drink.
Lara still looked at her in shock. Then, she remembered she had to breathe, and looked down at the coconut. She hesitantly grabbed it, and took a sip. The water was sweet, witha  hint of something that Lara had never tasted before. The drink was good, though, and she was parched, so she turned it up and drank the whole coconut dry. When she put it down, she thanked the heavens for something as incredible as still being alive.
-There, that's better. - The mysterious, muscular redhead said. - Now, who are you? Where are you from?
Lara noticed that her voice was suprisingly high pitched for someone that big. She gathered her thoughts and managed an answer.
-I'm... I'm Lara Smith, daughter of William Smith. My father sent me to the old country as her representative in a negociation, but my boat was hit by... something. - She paused, trying to remember what it was. - And it sank, and then a storm hit and I survived.
-Oh, poor thing! - Lara said, sounding more surprised than pitiful. - I imagine your captain must have angered old Posei. That's a shame. I'm Elysia. - She said, smiling.
-Old... what? - Asked Lara, standing up. - Wait... Wha... Where am I?
-Oh, you're at a secret place I can't tell you where because we hide here. - Said Elysia with a sly smile.
-We... who?
-Look, I have stuff to do. My mother asked me to gather some material for the temple she wants to make. Why don't you come with me and I'll explain some more while I do this? Then we can have lunch with my mom.
Lara was caught off guard, but managed a nod.
-Good. Oh, and she'll probably feed you since you're so skinny any tiger could easily gut you up. - Lara said, turning around and giggling.
Lara was going to ask about her sentence, but then Elysia crouched and, with a loud boom, jumped hundreds of feet into the air and away, leaving the dark blonde american to deal with the sand that covered her. As she stood there, stupefied, trying to clean up, another wave of sand hit her as Elysia landed back on the beach.
-Oh, sorry. Took me a moment to realize you might not be able to jump as much. - She said, smiling apologetically.
-I-I... I... - Lara began to answer, but then gave up. She took a deep, sandy breath, and looked at Elysia in the eyes. - Elysia... What... - The redhead looked at her, confused. - HOW ARE YOU... WHAT IS THIS... HOW IS... - Lara huffed, and tried again to calm down. Lara giggled.
-Look, we don't have time for this now, ok? Here. - Then she swept Lara off her feet with incredible ease, and crouched. Lara instinctively threw her arms around Elyisia's neck and held tight as the girl launched up and fell down afterwards. Lara opened her eyes, dizzy, as Elysia put her down. As she looked around, she saw mountains as high as 8 of the hills near her old farm. She turned to Elysia, but she was already a few yards away, near a rock as big as the largest mansion Lara had ever seen.
-Yeah, this should do it. - She heard the girl say. Then she saw the redhead crouch down and felt the ground tremble slightly, and her jaw dropped as she saw the huge rock rise, Elysia's feminine hand and unbelievably muscular arm the only things lifting it. She rubbed her eyes, sure she was dreaming. She wasn't. She could see the rocky soil cracking under Elysia's feet and her arm growing ever so slightly, her bicep touching the undeside of the rock along with her hands.
-What in the name... - Lara muttered, still in disbelief. With the ease of a man lifting a pebble, Elysia walked back to Lara's side, who ducked a bit out of fear that the huge boulder would fall.
-This should do it. Let's get going! - The redhead said, cradling the young girl with a single arm. - Hold on.
Completely oblivious to the massive extra weight on her muscular arm, Elysia jumped again, soaring even farther than before. When they landed, the buff girl's massive legs created a 30ft wide crater with a thundering boom, but remained unharmed. 
-There. That was easy! You should see what my-- Hey, are you okay?
-I'm... I'm... - Lara tried to say. Then it all went black for the american girl.
Lara in Muscle Girl Island
Something I managed to make since my new job is sucking me dry. Don't know if I'll finish the second part of this, but I wanted to post something at least and that's what I could do with my almost nonexistent spare time and energy. 
Quick Christmas gift to everybody (as usual, not really finished 'cause I'm a lazy ass motherfucker):
 Estabilishing Dominance by SuperFemLover
Chel's surprise.
"So boys, I found Tzekel Kan's spellbook before we left, and made just a little use of it before destroying it. You know, in case something like a pesky little hudred tons of rock jaguar annoyed me again."

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The blonde girl woke up, stretching herself. She quickly turned to her game helmet and picked it up.
And crushed it. She gasped.
-What the fu... - Lily said, looking down at herself. She wiped her eyes, trying to understand what she was seeing and making sure it wasn't a dream.
Lily was still short, but it was as if Lika had given her her muscles. Lily saw her pajamas in rags, because she suddenly had breasts as large as a porn star's, over slight pecs that developed into big (but still narrow) shoulders and arms almost twice the size of the biggest male bodybuilders. Uncovering her legs, she noticed they were thick with huge muscles, and she felt her midsection was thin and packed with a tight six-pack, running her fingers on it. She started to laugh, incredulous, and flexed her arms. What was left of her sleeves was torn completely by her exploding, watermelon sized biceps. She could see a large vein popped out, and every striation of her humongous bicep. She played with her incredible body, before hearing her phone ring. She gently picked it up, and although she tried not to damage it, she made a crack on the screen as she answered Diana's call.
-Hello? - Lily answered, her voice a bit shaky. Diana's voice answered, just as uneasy.
-Lily... I... I don't know what happened... I...
-You too?? - Lily said, feeling a mix of relief, shock and joy.
-Wha-- You too??? - Diana answered. - I... What... I'm coming over, let me just... Find something to wear.
-Okay. - Lily answered, and they hung up. She hadn't though about that, she couldn't use those rags that were her pajamas now. She smiled, looked at herself in the mirror, and easily tore the rest of her clothes like tissue paper. She was ripped, more muscular than any man, and more curvy than any woman she had ever seen. And she was just a short 14 year old. She felt a shiver down her spine, and went to her wardrobe. She tried to fit into her old clothes, but her once skinny legs were almost 5 times their old size, packed with muscle and flesh, and still her huge, powerful arms were strong enough to easily rip her pants against her legs. She managed to fit in one of her fat mother's black leggings, and her aunt's hand me down shirt that was a dress on her before now only barely held together enough to cover her nipples on her huge breasts, leaving their underside appearing along with her dazzling abs, and she involuntarily ripped to shreds the sleeves with her slightest flexes as she moved. The doorbell rang, and she rushed downstairs, faster than any runner. She grabbed the handle and effortlessly crushed it, and just as easily she tore the door from it's hinges.
-Oh, shit! - she said, and looked at Diana. She stood at the threshold, wide eyed, just as Lily, and just as muscular. She wore an extremely stretched jersey (just like Lily's shirt, including the ripped sleeves and underbreasts showing), and torn jeans shorts, that she imagined were made from Diana's brother's old clothes as she tried to put them on. Like Lily, she was still only a bit taller than a 14 year old, but packed with incredible muscles and amazing, almost unreal feminine curves, and both their faces were free of pimples and seemed to have become more beautiful than ever. Lily giggled, nervous.
-I... I guess I don't know my own strength! - She said. Diana giggled, just as nervous.
-No shit. I don't know how I'll explain to my parents the huge hole that i made on my wall just by kicking in my sleep! - They laughed.
-What the hell is happening to us... It's like our powers from the game are real!
-Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. - Diana said, entering the house. - Uh... What about the door?
-I don't know... maybe... - She looked at an old sofa that they were intending to donate. She picked it up with one hand and closed the door with it, making cracks on the wall as she effortlessly jammed the sofa into the threshold. -There.
The girls went over to Lily's room. Lily couldn't help but notice, blushing, how big and perfect Diana's ass was as they walked up the stairs.
-So...- Diana said, entering the room. - What do we do now? We got to hide this somehow, I barely made it to your house without anyone noticing. Some people must have thought that I was some sort of freak!
-I... I don't think we can hide it. - Lily said, gulping.
-W-what do you mean?
-I mean... we always shrunk down as much as we could in the game, but right now, I don't know if we can shrink any more...
-What?? You mean... - Diana looked at herself - You mean... you mean we're stuck being this huge?
-Aw, c'mon... It's not that bad! - Lily said, pulling a double biceps flex. Huge, mountain like biceps rose on her arms, large as watermelons and filled with striations and both with large veins pumping on them. - I mean... we still don't know our limits, right?
-Wha... We... - Diana shook her head. After a moment, she calmed down a bit. - Okay... So... What do you think we should do?
-Well... First I think we should see if we CAN get any smaller. Do you have any idea how?
-Well... I think. - She closed her eyes and stood still. Lily waited, but nothing happened for a while. Then, Diana's frame began to grow smaller, and in a few seconds she was her old, skinny 14 year old self again.
-Hey, it worked! How did you do it? - Lily asked, clapping.
-I sort of imagined how our game's skill would feel like, and I guess it worked... - She looked at her brother's clothes on her, now way too big. - I feel strange...
-Let me try. - Lily concentrated. She focused on thinking how it would feel to shrink down to her old size again, and soon felt herself getting smaller. She opened her eyes and saw herself as she was the day before, only with clothes that were too big for her. - Well, this is boring... - She said, and she flexed her arm. Her skinny, 14 year old arm sprouted inhuman muscles in a split second, and her other arm soon followed. Lily then wished herself bigger again, and soon got her amazon body back. - This is much better. This feels POWERFUL!
-You know.. I kinda agree - Diana said, flexing her legs and making them also explode with muscles. Soon, Diana was also big and powerful again. - Still, I don't think I can handle people looking at me like this... - She blushed. Lily snapped her fingers.
-I know! Let's use this! - And she went to her trunk and came out with two masks, one of a tiger and one of a panther, and party hair coloring sprays. Diana hesitated, but nodded.
-It's better than letting them see our faces, I guess... - She said, grabbing the panther's mask and a can of blue hairspray. They put on their masks, and Diana dyed her hair blue while Lily dyed hers red. Soon, they were unrecognizable, faces and bodies both.
-So - Diana asked. - What now?
-Uh... I dunno. - Lily said. - You seem like you're a crappy bank robber. - They giggled.
-Well, we could try to stop a few crimes! - Diana said, smiling.
-Or... - Lily said. - We could commit a few. - She blushed.
-Wait, what?? - Diana said, surprised.
-Well, I was thinking... We never got much of what we wanted, and now we got this power, and no one will recognize us... plus, it'll be just for fun, we can get a few bucks just so we could buy some stuff, like a new helmet for my videogame, and then we're through with this... what do you say?
-I dunno... sounds kinda risky! - Diana said, gulping.
-That's why it's so exciting! C'mon, Dy, no one will know it's us, and if anything goes wrong, we can just jump really high and away!
-Can we? - Diana asked.
-I think so. Let me see. C'mon.
Lily rushed downstairs again, with Diana at her heels. They got out the back door, and stopped at the garden.
-So let's see how high we can jump! - Lily sounded thrilled. Diana nodded nervously, but stood in front of her friend. They held hands, and bent their knees.
-On three?
A sonic boom was heard as the girls rocketed straight up at blinding speed. Their eyes went wide as they came to the end of their jump high enough to see their whole country beneath them, and the Earth's curve was clear to them. They began to descend, both clothes catching fire as they came crashing down to the planet again, and then caused an earthquake where they landed, making deep, twin craters on the rocky soil, but, as they soon realized, none of the two was hurt in the slightest. They took a moment to calm down, and then recovered their breath.
-OH-MY-GOD! - Lily said.
-Oh my God... - Lily touched her mask. It was still on, a bit burned, but somehow their masks were still reasonably intact, outside of a few burnt areas, but their clothes were gone. They were both completely naked, their huge breasts ignoring gravity's pull just like the girls just did. - Dy, I didn't even jump that high! Did you??
-NO! I tried to jump less than you would!
-Holy shit! And were... Wow! - Lily noticed Diana's body. - You're fucking hot!
Diana blushed like never before. - W-w-w-w...W-well, s-so are you! - She managed to say, looking at the blond teen powerhouse's body.
-S-so... uh... What do we do now? - Lily asked, blushing as well.
-Uh... Get clothes?
-I, uh... - Lily blushed even harder - I-I don't think we have to... There's no one here, and you're j-just... so... you know...
-I... - Diana turned away, breathing heavily. - Y-yeah, ok, just... just let's not talk about this, ok? W-we'll get some clothes when we can.
-O-ok - Said Lily, smiling widely. They calmed down.
-Where are we?
-I think we're at that rocky desert... about 600 miles away from home! - Lily said, flabbergasted.
-Yeah... Hey... Let's try something. - Lily went to a boulder the size of a large house. She bent down, her sexy, juicy, huge ass teasing Diana to redness again, and stood straight again, seemingly oblivious to the weight of the huge rock she held on her right hand.
-Holy shit... - Diana said, dreamily. That was so sexy for her.
-This doesn't feel heavy at all. What do you think, Dy? - She said, tossing the boulder to her friend. Diana grabbed it, creating crack's on the dense material with no pressure at all, and feeling no difference in her arm in terms of stress. She could move it just as easily with or without holding the boulder. She examined it a bit, and then, with a crooked smile at her blonde friend, clenched her fist and pulverized the massive rock.
-Not even close. Let's try something else - She looked around and saw a canyon wall a few hundred feet away. - Check this out.
Diana dashed to the wall, each stride a bound of over a hundred feet, and then she pulled back her arm and punched it.
The whole wall, for miles around, got pulverized, leaving nothing but a hole in the canyons for over 50 miles.
-DIANA! OH GOD! - Lily yelled, as Diana looked at her fist. - YOU ROCK, GIRL!
-How... I...
-OH MY GOD, CHECK THIS OUT! - Lily said, running to the other side of the canyons. Diana knew there were about 30 square miles of pure rock that way, and almost no one ever passed through there. She felt the ground shake. She heard the cracks and rumbles for miles. She saw it happen, but couldn't believe it.
Diana watched, mouth hung agape, as Lily lifted miles upon miles of rock like a trapdoor, like she was lifting the horizon to see what lay beneath. She heard, above all, Lily laughing.
-Dy, this is so easy! - She said. Diana rushed to her side, and smiled as she saw Lily holding the massive weight with one hand.
-Wow... We actually are pretty strong. - Diana said, smiling.
-Hell yeah! - Said Lily, putting the huge slab of rock down where it belonged. - I'm feeling, like, SO powerful right now.
-I know!
-Let's go. - Said Lily, grabbing Diana's hand. She blushed. - I wanna get shot.
Then Lily dashed away, pulling Diana with her. In less than five minutes, the girls were 200 miles away in an alley, with new clothes and masks identical to the ones they had before. Lily had a blue jeans jacket and a black tank top, and very tight dark blue leggins and running shoes. Diana wore a black, sleeve ripped shirt that still showed her 6 pack, jeans pants stretched to their limits and black running shoes.
-I'm guessing that clerk will never understand how that wind stole things. - Said Diana, smiling under her panther mask.
-Well, technically it made stuff disappear, so the wind is innocent. - Lily answered. They laughed. - So, you wanna do this? - The blonde said, nodding towards the bank entrance.
-I... I don't know. I mean, I do, but I'm scared. - Diana said, uneasy.
-Girl, you punched a hole through a canyon!
-I know, I just... Ugh, fine. Let's do this before I change my mind.
-That's the spirit! - Said Lily, her heart beating fast. The girls walked out and crossed the street, walking into the bank. The security looked at them and blinked a bit, uncertain of what he was seeing, but then proceeded to stop them.
- Hey, uh... You two! Hold it right there. - He said, a hand on his holster. - Take off your masks, please, and show me some ID.
Lily simply slapped the man, and he flew through a wall to their left. The people around them looked at Lily and Diana and began to run back out, while the other two guards went for their gun. Diana was behind them in a blink of an eye, and she karate chopped them in the neck, breaking their spines and killing them instantly.
- Oh,shit! - said Diana, frightened. - I didn't mean to, I mean, I...
- Snap out of it! - Lily urged. - We're robbing a bank, someone's gonna get hurt! You're an amazon, remember?? A warrior!
- I know, but--
- No buts! You're with me on this, aren't you?
- Y...Yeah.
- Then let's go.
- Right.
Lily walked through the glass door like it wasn't there, breaking it and remaining unscathed. Diana followed. Inside, the alarm was on and people were ducking under the desks, while more security guards stood on the second floor, with shotguns pointing straight at the girls.
- STOP! -Yelled one of them, his voice a bit uneasy. - You got one chance to surrender quietly before we shoot whatever the hell you are!
- How rude. - Diana said. Lily chuckled.
- This is a robbery! - announced Lily. - And YOU, sir, got one chance to lay down your weapons and show us were the safe is before we tear this place apart until we find it!
- OPEN FIRE! - was the answer.
Diana dissipated, but Lily just stood there and took the shots. Her clothes ripped where the bullets hit, but she felt nothing. She only moved her right hand to catch the bullets that would hit her mask, and did so effortlessly. Before long, the guards stopped shooting.
- Well, you had your chance. - Said Lily. Then she heard a whistle, and looked back. A bus zoomed in, flying towards the guards, and smashed into them. Diana walked to Lily's side.
- A bit exaggerated, don't you think? - Lily said, giggling.
- Well, I did dodge every single bullet just to see if I could, so I don't think the bus was much.
- True.
The brunette looked around, and casually walked towards a desk. From behind it, she grabbed and lifted a small man like he was a stuffed doll. He was frightened and shook like crazy. Lily giggled.
- So, mind showing us where the vault is?
He nodded nervously, and pointed towards a hallway.
-Thank you. - Said Diana, lifting him again and dropping him back behind the counter. The girls walked down the corridor and met a couple of guards that seemed to be running somewhere. They froze, looking at the girls, and pulled out their guns.
- Ok, I'm getting annoyed. - Said Lily, dashing to them and smashing their heads together with such force that they exploded. - SHIT! - she said, surprised.
- See what I mean? - Said Diana, strangely excited over what she had just seen.
- Yeah... It felt... - Lily said, wiping the blood from her face and hands as best as she could. - I dunno. Let's go.
Diana pointed at a sign above them.
- According to this, it's this way.
Lily followed Diana and they ended up at the door to the vault, a solid metal round door that seemed as thick as a car.
- Okay, how do you suppose we do this? - Asked Diana.
- It's pretty obvious, isn't it? - Said Lily, flexing her humongous right bicep. She walked to the door and grabbed it's side, denting it like it was play dough, and with a deafening screech she easily ripped the enormous door open.
- Jackpot. - She said, grinning. Inside, gold bars and stacks of cash laid in a huge room. - I guess I can live with that. - She told Diana. they giggled.
- Okay, but... how do we move this from here? - Diana said.
- Oh... - Lily answered. She blushed. - You know, I hadn't really thought about that.
- Figures. - said Diana, mockingly.
- Hey, how about you help me figure out a way then?
- Already on it. Get out. - Said Diana, with a grin. Lily lifted an eyebrow, but walked out of the safe.
Diana slammed the door back with a deafening boom, and then slammed her hands under the safe and surely, slowly, started to lift it, breaking inner walls like they weren't there. The building rumbled and cracked as Diana walked her powerful hands until she was under the safe, her huge biceps almost touching it alongside them, and then she let go one hand and held the entire safe over her head on it with ease.
- Wow... - Said Lily, aroused.
- I know, I'm awesome. - Said Diana, bouncing her biceps and making it grow even larger, touching the underpart of the safe with each growth. - Let's go.
- Okay.
The girls walked out, the vault destroying everything it hit, but Diana held it still, molding a grip into the solid steel like it was wet clay. As they reached the entrance hall again, they found it deserted.
- I guess they didn't want to see the end of our little party. - Said Lily.
- I can't imagine --
A rumble shook the fragilized building one more time and it camd crashing down.
- ...why. - Diana finished, both still standing under the lifted safe, untouched. The girls laughed.
- Hey, do you hear that?
-Yeah, I thinks it’s the cops!
Sure enough, after a few seconds,three police cars turned around the corner and stopped right
in front of the girls, and another 5 blocked the street. No officers came out of them, though.
-I’m guessing they’re keeping foot in the gas. - Lily said, giggling.
-I sure hope it’s not just because I have a huge safe over my head.
- Nah, I’m sure it’s me they’re scared of. - the girls laughed. A voice came out of a car’s
-This is your only warning! Put, uh, the money down and put your hands on your head or we
will open fire. I repeat, put--
-Yeah, yeah - shouted Lily back at him - we got it the first time, douche-bag.
-What do you wanna do? - Diana asked her, casually. Lily though for a moment, and then
-I’m all for a little more fun before we go. What do you say?
Diana smiled. She pulled back her arm and tossed the humongous vault up and away so fast
that it made a hole in the clouds and went out of sight in seconds.
-I second that.
A moment of silence followed, the cops trying to decide what to do.
-I guess I'll make the first move, then. - Said Lily, stretching her fingers. She then became an almost invisible blur and reappeared beside one of the cars, swiftly lifting it on her tiny hand. Then, with a a flick of her other hand, she sent it spinning out of control towards a building a few blocks away, where it crashed with extreme force, shaking the whole structure.
- SHOOT HER! - Said the voice, and two cops came out of the other car and started shooting at Lily, while the one where the voice came from hit the gas like there was no tomorrow, only to crash into Diana like she was made of stone.
-Where do you think you're going? - She said, lifting the car's front and flipping it upside down with ease, holding it over her head. Then, she grabbed it's front and back as well as she could and began to bend the car on itself like it was a paper sheet, hearing the men inside screaming in terror and pain. After she finished bending it, the screams stopped, and she crushed the bent scrap metal again with her girly hands and godlike arms, amazed at the ease that it was to crush once solid material for her. Soon, overheated metal started to cover her fingers, and still she felt no pain, no damage to her skin and no resistance to her mighty muscles. Diana only dropped the structure when her hands met, making a hole in the bent, bloody car.
Meanwhile, Lily was getting shot by the cops blocking the street, laughing all the while, and flexing her muscles as the bullets hit her and either fell bent om the ground or ricoheted off of her perfect skin.
-SHOW OFF! - Mocked Diana. Lily turned around and blew her a kiss and then walked to a building nearby, 7 stories tall, and bent down, slamming her fingers into the concrete, and then slowly she stood up, lifting the building on her massive, sexy arms. The cops dropped their guns and fell on their knees, begging for their lives. Lily laughed, and tossed the building up, only to let it fall on the cops and then crumble on itself.
-THAT was showing off. - said Lily, walking to Diana's side. The girls giggled.
-Well, let's go get our money?
-Yes. Where did you throw it?
-That way, I think about 200 miles away.
-Oh, and I'm the showoff?
-Shut up.
Laughing, the girls launched themselves away, soaring high over the clouds, from where they spotted the vault, crashed on a rice field, a line of it destroyed from where it hit until it stopped. The girls landed a few miles to the right of it, but dashed to it in seconds. Diana bent down and casually lifted it again.
-I gotta say, you look so sexy doing that - Diana blushed and answered.
-Not as much as you were lifting those tons upon tons of rock.
-Yeah... I'm kinda wishing it was heavy at least, though.
-Me too. I'm wondering what our limits are. - Diana tossed the safe up a few times, feeling it's lack of weight. It was a feather to her, maybe less.
-Let's find out later. Right now, I need a new helmet for our war tomorrow!
-Oh yeah! And where are we gonna put this? - The brunette said, looking at the safe over her head.
Lily thought for a second.
-I got it! - She said, snapping her fingers, and a burst of wind destroyed the crops around them. - Oops, my bad. C'mon, follow me! - She told Diana before dissapearing with a sonic boom.
Diana followed, tthe huge weight above her not slowing her at all. They stopped at the desert, and then Lily, in a second, slammed her fingers around an area on the ground making a crack the size of the safe, and then she dug at amazing speed on the rocky soil like it was sand, and soon after, jumped out with a rock slab twice the height of the safe over her head.
-Grab us a few million dollars, Dy. - she said, landing a few hundred yards away. Diana entered the safe, grabbed the money and then shut the safe again, picking it up and puting it on the whole Lily had made. It fell to the bottom with a muffled, but loud crash, and then Lily flipped the chunk of rock upside down as easily as she would with an eraser.
- Ok, now help me out, nerDY - she said, using her old nickname. Diana chuckled. - Split this in two on the top and get rid of that half. I'll put this side back in, so no one suspects anything.
-'K - Diana answered, and jumped precisely to the height she wanted, and swiftly, with surgical precision, slammed her fingertips into the rock, with enough power to crack it all in two. Then, still in the air, she twisted her hand up and made the rock cube fly a few feet up and land on top of her, as she hit the ground. Holding it up, she pulled back and flinged it, and soon it left the atmosphere.
-Wow...- Said Lily blushing, already covering the safe with the huge chunk of ground. - You're the most incredible person ever.
- After you, you mean. - Replied Diana, daring a wink at her. Both blushed even more, and giggled.
- Ok, so, let's get me a new helmet! - Said Lily, smiling widely. They grabbed the money and used Lily's ragged coat as a bag, and then dashed to her house. There, in her room, they took off their masks and concentrated, shrinking back to their old skinny selves.
- This feels weird now, doesn't it? - Said Lily, looking down at herself as she changed clothes and handed some to Diana to use.
- Yeah, but...
- What?
Diana looked at Lily's bed, walked to it, and put her hand under it. With a swift move, the skinny brunette lifted it over her hand, easily.
- WOW! - exclaimed Lily, surprised. - How are you doing that?
- I dunno! I just... still feel strong, is all.
- Let me try! - She said, walking to Diana and putting her hand under the bed. Diana let go, and Lily felt no diference. - SHIT! I'm still so strong!
- I know, right? - Said Diana. She wore only one of Lily's bras, and she flexed her arm and made it go from skinny to hugely, watermelon sized bicep muscular, and back to skinny. - I guess these guns aren't just for show.
- Yeah, exactly! - Lily said, putting the bed down. - We gotta find out how this works, Dy.
- I agree, but let's just solve this about your helmet first. - Said Diana. She pointed at the cash on the bed - Where are you gonna stash that?
- Over here. - Lily said, picking it up. She took from it enough to buy a new helmet and walked with the rest to her wardrobe, taking out one of her drawers and putting the cash under it, then putting the drawer back in.
- Good idea.
- Thanks.
The girls climbed down the stairs, and Lily face palmed. When Diana lifted an eyebrow at her, she chuckled and pointed at the entrance. They laughed, and Diana pulled the sofa out of the doorstep for them to go out.
Myth Heroes 4
Uh-oh. The neighbours might have noticed a sofa jamming the entrance, right?
The next day, Danira logged in and instantly opened her friends list and looked for Lika. She was just outside of town, so Danira went to her location. She found her muscle packed friend at the wandering potions salesman, he only appeared randomly on the map, and she was finishing her purchase just as Danira arrived.
-Hey, Danira. - She said, with a smile.
-Hey... What were you buying?
-Nothing. - She said, trying to sound casual and doing just the opposite.
-Really? - Danira asked, sarcastically.
-Yep. - She looked at Danira. She looked a lot like Lily, especially now, trying to hide something from her best friend and failing miserably. - So... How did you like yesterday? You seemed to be enjoying it.
Danira was caught off guard, and blushed a bit. She didn't think Lika had noticed her while she worked out.
-W-well, I... Yeah, I mean, you did some pretty amazing stuff, and got so strong so fast... - She stopped and grinned. - Which reminds me, what about my potion? You promised you'd help me get the stuff to brew it!
-Yeah, yeah, about that... - She said, smiling a bit wider - You might want to check your email. It must be there by now.
-What? - Danira said, opening her menu. There were two emails. She opened them. - By the Gods! You didn't-- This isn't-- this... What?
-Yep. Merry Christmas.
Danira picked up the first item. It looked like the same potion that she had done for Lika before.
-How did you get this so fast?
-Well, my mom left one of her credit cards at home, and I hacked it and bought the items we needed to make it, plus a philosopher's stone to speed up the NPC.
-How much did you pay for this?? - Danira asked, flattered and angry at the same time that Lily had stolen from her mother to give her something.
-Never mind that. - Lili said, gulping.
Danira was gonna complain, but she didn't, because Lika seemed to have read her mind to get that second item. She opened it. A small rock appeared, glowing like it was filled with water. It was a Soul Stone, made to reset your character when you didn't want to create a new one to play a different role.
-Why did you give me this? - She asked, suspicious.
-Well... - Lika blushed. - You seemed to be liking what I was doing, so... I kinda thought you might want to try this too. Plus, I don't think any monster in the island can match me now, and I still don't want to show myself on the mainland, so a little PvP action could help me improve a lot more.
-I... You think I can do the same that you did?
-Of course you can. I did, why couldn't you? - Lika said, smiling widely.
-Well... I... I dunno... I guess we can try, right? - Said Danira with a shy grin. 
-That's the spirit! Now let's visit the elder.


-998... 999... 1000! - Lika finished counting. Danira stopped, sweating, and put the huge piramid of enchanted boulders on the ground, making the ground tremble. Danira concentrated and shrunk down. She was just a tad smaller than Lika now, but just as muscular. Her massive thighs where just a bit thicker as well, as were her breasts. They both were filled with inhuman muscles, and maintained an hourglass figure despite their muscularity. Danira pulled up her arm and flexed a bicep boulder as big as a melon, with a tricep dipping just as down below as her arm's top rose above, almost surpassing her hand. Lika flexed her arm in response with a grin, and her arm was just about an inch bigger than her friends now.
-So - Lika said, unflexing. - How do you feel?
-I feel... powerful. -Danira said, unflexing and examining her new body. She had spent a whole day working on it, and the results were more than impressive. - Back as a worshiper of Artemis, I new I could shoot an arrow over a mountain and hit a fly, but who needs that when you can just grab the mountain and squash the entire land and the fly with it? - Danira laughed, flexing her tree trunk legs to admire herself.
-Let's check your stats. - Lika said. They looked. -Wow.
-590 strength. Not too shabby, right? - Said Danira, proud.
-Not at all, Danira. - Lika said, smiling at her. - You look great.
-Thank you! Now, what do you want to do? - The brunette asked. Lika gave her a devilish smile.
-Let's have an armwrestling match.
-Really? - Danira said, smiling confidently. - You think you can best these? - She gave her friend a double biceps pose.
-Oh yeah. - Lika said, single handedly lifting one of the enchanted rocks and putting it on the floor, and then grabbing another and splitting it in half like it was a cookie to make makeshift chairs. Danira felt a shiver down her spine as Lika cracked the boulder with such ease. They sat down across from each other, and locked hands, both their arms bigger than any male bodybuilder's before they even started.
-You ready?
-When you are.
Lika counted down. 3, 2, 1...
And they pulled.
They arms bulged to twice their sizes, but none moved. They continued, both soon sweating and their hands trembling with the effort, but none stopped. They gained more points, and more, and more. They just didn't care, Danira had given the idea of putting it on automatic level up, so it always improved their strength. Soon, they were flexing their whole bodies with the effort to beat one another, but none could. After an eternity, Lika's hand began to overtake Danira's by the slightest bit, and that was enough for the brunette to laugh and give up. They stopped, panting too much to even speak, and then both recovered most of their breaths.
-Holy shit... You've got fucking strong! - Lika said, smiling.
-Look who's talking! I felt like I was pushing against stone! - Danira said, just as happy.
-It felt like that to me too! - Lika said. - How strong do you think we are now?
-I dunno. - Danira said, laughing. - Let's find out.
They both opened their menus. Then, Danira and Lika's jaw's dropped.
-Holy Zeus! You... I... We...
-Danira, we... We HAVE to make our trials. We just HAVE to.
-I know! But... I just can't... What does that mean? This is just... Too much!
-Oh, I don't think so. - Lika said, looking serious and closing her menu. She walked to the entrance, with Danira at her heels, and she hell kicked the boulder that blocked it. The stone pulverized, and the debris flew at enormous speed into the blue sky. - Come here. - Lika said, sweeping Danira off her feet. Then she launched herself into the air with a jump, and they both soared way above the highest of the clouds, and came crashing down on Cyclops' Island, leaving a large crater where the blonde landed.
-Lika, what are you doing? This island has players on it, they'll see us.
-I don't think so. - She said, crackling her knuckles. - Watch this.
Lika then slammed her right hand's fingers into the ground, and a huge crack with the loudest of sounds formed. Then, Lika pulled. She wasn't straining, but her arm got as big as when they were armwrestling, if not even bigger. She laughed at her friend's face as the shadow covered it: the shadow of half of the island, that Lika was lifting like it was a stuffed toy.
Players started to fall, along with debris from the villages in the area that Lika was effortlessly lifting. The sea filled the immense gap that the island's half left, while Lika watched her bicep bulge with incredible definition as she extended and flexed it with the humongous mass as a training weight.
-Holy Hera, Lika... You're too strong!!
-You think? - Lika answered, grinning. - I don't think I've had enough yet.
-What?? How can you say that? - A player fell on Danira's head, instantly dying and respawning somewhere else, and Danira didn't even feel it.
-Here, try it. - Lika said. And with that, she tossed the island's half to her friend. Caught by surprise, Danira yelled and put both her hands up to try and stop the huge mass from crushing her.
She felt a sly push on top of her hands, and the ground beneath her was crushed into a 20ft wide crater, but she didn't feel any strain.
-Hey... This is... I don't... This--
-It's too light. I know. - Lika said, giggling.
-By the GODS! - Danira said, letting one hand go. No difference. She pumped the island like Lika had, making more and more debris fall off harmlessly towards them or the sea.
-I gotta say, you look damn sexy lifting those miles upon miles of solid rock and everything on them. - Lika said, blushing a bit. Danira blushed a lot more.
-T-thanks... Uh... so, what now? someone must have seen this, even from the mainland! - Danira was sure of it. Someone should have seen the island's half by now, most of it going way over the clouds due to it's original length. -What are we gonna do?
-Well, this is a low level island... I think we have enough of these. - Lika said, her smile a little devilish. Danira's eyes widened.
-You don't mean...
There was a silent moment where the girls stared at each other. And then Danira gulped.
-O-ok. Let's do this. How do you wanna do it?
-I dunno... Maybe... I got it!
-Let's lift away!
-You're joking.
-Oh yeah?
Lika jumped down into the water below. In the game, they could hold their breaths for about a fifth of their resistances, which, Danira realized, were absurdly high, so that meant that Lika could stay under water for quite some time. But it took less than a minute for Danira to feel the ground shake under her feet, making her almost lose her balance, and then start to rise. Danira's breath became shallow. A "!" appeared in front of her, signaling a message, and she opened it with her free hand. "Get down here, I wanna show you this".
Danira let the island's half fall back down, now a separate island itself, making tsunami's from where it landed. She jumped down and began swimming further. She soon saw Lika, singlehandedly lifting the island's half. She gave the brunette a smile, and then bent down a bit and tossed the mass she held up. Danira's jaw dropped and she had to remind herself that she was underwater as the huge island piece that Lika threw flew higher than the clouds in less than 2 seconds. Lika texted Danira again. "Your turn". Danira swam to the other half of the island, but instead of throwing it, Danira bit her tongue and dug her hands into the dense rock, and then, easily, split the land in half. She heard bubbles behind her, that seemed a lot like an underwater "wow". She too was amazed at what she could do now, which was so much better and more fun than just shooting a bow, even if it was cool to see and do. Then, not even minding the resistance of the water, she slammed the pieces back together, making both shatter like made of glass, with a thunderous boom and a huge water splash. She giggled, but quickly held her breath.
After a few minutes, the girls watched from below as ships began to quickly move towards what remained of the island. They swam under and back to their island even faster than mermaids, and arrived at the beach. They laughed.
-Oh my Gods! - Danira said - I can't believe we did that! We're SO strong! - she flexed her mountain of muscle on her left arm.
-I know! You were SO hot crushing that whole thing so easily! - Lika said. Then she blushed, and looked away. Danira blushed too, but answered.
-You were much sexier. You lifted that huge piece of rock like it was nothing!
They looked deeply into each other's eyes. After a moment, Lika said:
-So... now we log out? - Danira hesitated, and then answered.
-Yeah, but I've been thinking about what we could do tomorrow, and... you know... We got this strong fighting each other, right?
-In a way, yeah... - she caught on. - You don't mean...
They stood silent for a moment.
-Allright. - they said in unison, smiling.
They logged out, and Lily felt her conscience shrink back to her skinny, weak real self. Danira, at her house, felt the same, and they both felt disappointed. After lonely dinners, the girls went to bed, texting each other before falling asleep about the next day. Lily slept like a baby.


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